Welcome to the Rhea-Vital Hair Clinic. We offer holistic solutions to the problems of hair loss and disorders of scalp.
Our method helps you to achieve naturally thick hair growth and feeling of health, wellbeing, and rejuvenation with natural external and internal treatments.

We believe that hair problems are indicator of our general health status and can be influenced by physical factors such as hormonal imbalance, metabolic disorders, dietary deficiencies, various medications, acute or chronic infections and allergies, or emotional factors such as stress, low mood and lack of energy.

Good health requires harmony on all levels. Any imbalance can easily lead to illness, so to restore healthy hair; we must heal the whole person, leading to a real recovery.

Would you like to know what can cause your hair loss problem?

During your consultation, your therapist will explore your hair and health concerns using scientific techniques combined with natural methods. We can determine the health status of the body with the Magnetspace Human Body Analyzer and corresponding computer program and we using a micro camera for analyzing the state of the scalp. The alternative method  such as Kinesiology (biofeedback system) and Arolo healing method (muscle testing) to ensure you will receive optimum benefits from your treatment and we can also provide Energy healing with Reiki, and Prananadi method.

The holistic approach in hair care

Our premier natural external treatments are based on the Hair Nice holistic hair care system. These unique products contain completely natural ingredients, combined with modern bio-information and colour energy method. The Hair Nice system range of products is an ideal solution for clients who wish for strong, healthy, beautiful hair, with an end to hair loss, and to treat dandruff, ageing, and dry, itching, sensitive or greasy scalp disorders. Your therapist will explain how the products can help with your specific concerns.

Restores significant hair density without transplantation.

We can offer another powerful organic external treatment, the Chuleevandevi range of phyto-cosmetics, which are used against any type of hair loss. It is made based on ancient recipe in Thailand. These products are all 100 % natural and clinically proven to restore significant hair density and promote scalp health against any type of hair loss. These products can enhance the cell proliferation and very effective against a demodex mites. Demodex is the name given to tiny mites that live in the hair follicles, who are responsible for hair loss in 70% of the cases.

Regeneration and rejuvenation with natural internal treatments

We can advise specialized internal therapies for people who turn to us to achieve the hair growth and to restore the health. We also can provide strong natural rejuvenation treatments for revitalizing the whole body. Each therapy is individually tailored, which based on the result of the complex diagnostic.

Natural healing methods in hair care

The Rhea-Vital Hair Clinic is dedicated to the use of natural healing therapies. If required, Kinesiology, Arolo Healing Method, Prananadi , Holistic Massage are also available. We focus on each client individually and these therapies can pin-point your particular causes of hair problems so your treatment can be specifically tailored for
maximum effectiveness. By helping to solve physical and emotional problems, we will increase your self confidence, energy levels and zest for life.

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We look forward to welcoming you in the clinic!


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