My name is Maria Eva Furjes-Benke from Hungary. I have 21 year’s experience as a natural healer and I have received much positive feedback. I was trained in Hungary and in Sweden. My experience as a natural healing therapist comes from the following fields: Kinesiology, Arolo Healing Method, Etheric Healing, Pranadi, REIKI, AROLO, Holistic Massage.

In addition to my experience of natural healing therapy, I use trichology and holistic approach to treat hair loss. This combines modern clinical hair and healthcare methods, along with traditional natural medications to treat dieses and to restore optimal balance of the hair and general health. These effective methods combined with the natural products I use, provide a cure both physically and spiritually. I have applied the knowledge of these different areas into one single well-functioning system, and I can help my patients to achieve long-lasting and durable results in the re-growth or regeneration of hair and health.

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