29-30 November 2018, London

  ’China Comes to Us!’

Chinese Way Health Keeping and Self-Healing with Chi Kung

An Introductory Course

by Miklós András GERVAI,
Chinese Medicine Doctor (Henan University of TCM, PCR),
Chi Kung Practitioner (International Health Qigong Federation, Ont. Canada),
Expert of Mental Helping (Hungary)

President of Dr.Wu’s Headmassage & Chi Kung Association of Hungary (WFMME),
Invited Instructor at Ontario College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (OCTCM, Ont. Canada)

Miklós will give us initiation to essential knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. We can gain some practical self-helping techniques that assist our health and the preservation of our youth, as well as improve the self-healing ability of the body. It also helps the energy system of the soul and the spirit is in harmony.

This course can provide the practical knowledge and techniques to learn, which if used regularly can be beneficial not only for the prevention and healing of physical illnesses, but we can expect some positive change in any area of our lives as well.

About Chi Kung

Chi Kung means the cultivation and training of ‘Chi’, the vital force of life. It is an essential part of the Chinese medical and martial arts tradition.

It is a powerful type of health exercise, which has been practised for centuries by millions of Chinese people. It is based on repetitions of very precise sets of movements, specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels.

Chi Kung is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practise can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. The aim of Chi Kung is to promote the movement of Chi (energy) in the body; this is done by opening certain gates and stretching and twisting energy channels. A key point in Chi Kung practice is relaxation and deep breathing, both of which are prerequisites to allow Chi to flow.

Some Chi Kung movements are very gentle, others more vigorous. Some movements are very large and expansive; others are more subtle, almost imperceptible. All are different and have a very specific effect on body and mind. The deeper one practises, the more one can understand the purpose of each movement, allowing the Chi Kung practice to become ever more enjoyable.

Benefits of Chi Kung:

Feedback from past and current students shows that, with a little bit of regular practice, Chi Kung can have a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit.

Reported benefits have included increased general health and well being, reduced levels of stress. Regular practice brings about a deep strengthening effect for the whole body and its various systems: all the kind internal organs, nervous, digestive, respiratory, skeleton-muscular, hormonal, gynaecological, etc... Its ability to help in healing a large variety of chronic and acute injuries and illnesses has been the subject of various research programmes led by the Chinese medical authorities.

It increases the supply and flow of energy throughout the body, can have a variety of rejuvenating effects and is believed to increase longevity, and it induces calm mental and emotional states, there are benefits of brighter and more balanced outlook on life's possibilities.

As you gradually become more and more aware of your body, you will start to feel some of the more subtle and refined effects of Chi Kung.

29th Saturday:                                         

10.30   Morning warm-up
11.00 - 13.30  Explanation, Exercising, Discussions
14.30 - 18.30  Explanation, Exercising, Discussions

30th  Sunday:

10.30 Morning warm-up
11.30 - 13.30 Explanation,
14.30 - 18.30 Exercising, Discussions and Closing


* Medicine in China Today: Traditional Chinese Medicine and Modern Western Medicine
* A look at the TCM: Basics and Application Here & Now
* Introduction to the effective and sideffects-free possibilities of TCM Health Keeping and Self-Healing
* Background: OCTCM, Henan University of TCM, Shaolin

The Aim of Program:

1.)Insight into and Overview on the Thousands-years old Wisdom of TCM
2.)Studying and expertising traditional Health Keeping and Self-Healing methods supporting         life and human harmony

Curriculum (after Dr. Bin-Jiang WU):

a.) Practice:
    ’How to Treat Yourself’ version of Dr. Wu’s Head- and Face Massage
    Chi Kung Warm-Up
    Chi Kung – Tai Chi 15 Steps
, Basics (A short introductory version)  Part of one
    Still Chi Kung
(laying, sitting)
    Acupressure on Limbs for ourselves
    Dr. Wu’s face and scalp accupunctural massage for ourselves
    Back Massage
(short, simplified)

    Short philosophical basics of TCM, explanations for TCM terminology
    Comparision of TCM’s and Modern Western Medicine’s Approaches
    Psychology and the Alternative Western Medicine
    Chances for desirable Cooperation of  the TCM – MWM – AWM

The course is holding at:

 29th – 30th November
10:30 – 18:30

The Torch, 1-5 Bridge Road Wembley London HA9 9AB

 The session fee is 90 pond/person

 We are  happily can offer you some discounts:

- If you will bring one person with you there is 30% discount for you,
-In case of bringing with you two or more people to the course, the discount is 50 %.
For further information or pre-booking please call:

Maria Eva Furjes-Benke
Mobile: 07534300494

Necessary equipment:
Comfortable  and flat heeled shoes leting a free and natural sense of ground. Comfortable and natural cloths which can help free moving and comfortable feelings. Polifoam or else for laying and sitting on the ground and a blanket or plaid.

Our Course will be held to promote Health and Harmony. So we kindly would like to point out some strict and important rules:
* Pregnant Ladies, or People just after surgery are not allowed to take part in the practical exercises till the total healing of wounds (after the born or else wounds).
* People with serious mental problems are not allowed to take part on the Course.
* People with infectious illnesse or high fever are not allowed to take part on the Course.
* Children can take part only together with and the responsibility of their Parent(s).
* This Course will be held not instead of necessary appointments, tests and treatments of Modern Western Medicine Doctors or Hospitals!
* All the Participants take part on this Course, study, exercise, and apply our TCM methods exclusively by their own responsibility!
* Participants state that they have precisely discovered all of important information concerning their being and health-condition before the Course to both of the Organizers and Teacher and they will insist to do the same during the Course.
* This Course is not to educate TCM Doctors or Teachers! So it is not allowed to record or pass (teach or show to try) the methods taught on the Course to the third Parts.
All our responsibility on the troubles, hurtings, illnesses or other bad consequences caused by not taking in consideration any of these rules are excluded.

 We are looking forward to a joyful and longterm cooperation!

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