3rd September 2018

10.00 – 14.00 h

65 Tudour Court South

 led by
  Mária Éva Fürjes-Benke
registered face yoga trainer

For me it is important to create internal and external harmony. According to my

experiences so far as kinesiologyst and healer, I am convinced that everyone has a

much greater potential in terms of both internal resources and self-healing powers than

we ever assumed about ourselves. With this experience and knowledge I can help

everyone explore these possibilities with the Face Yoga method. This method puts great

emphasis on our body awareness, to the observation of our inner selves. It helps with

stress-relief and it can relax facial and neck muscles with this conscious exercising

regime. As a natural corollary we can experience the beneficial effects of the these yoga

exercises by stimulating the reflex points and acupressure points on the face which

effects our internal organs and the whole body condition as well.

The Aim of this course:

Our faces just like our hair have a determining role in our look on the outside, and so it is

understandable that we want to keep them in good condition. With this Face Yoga

method we can rejuvenate ourselves in a natural way which can maintain our youthful

appearance longer and we can also discover a variety of additional benefits as well with

this the regular exercise ……

Who should use this method?

- Anybody, ladies and gentlemen as well, above 30 years of age

- Anybody who is dealing with stress or exposed to a prolonged stressful


- Anybody who has neck, back, spinal or posture problems

- People with tooth loss or orthodontics

- People with asymmetrical faces

- People with jaw problems or atrophy

What are the benefits of regular Face Yoga® exercises?

- We will learn how to use conscious breathing techniques

- Releases and elevates stress

- It slows down ageing

- Helps with our facial rejuvenation and our facial contour by tightening and toning

  the skin. A natural anti-wrinkle effect.

- Regenerates the connective tissue, increases collagen production

- Enhances the microcirculation, metabolism, and improves the skin's oxygen supply

- You will have fresh, healthy looking skin well toned and firm facial and neck muscles

   reduced double chin

- Stimulates the glands, and detoxifies the body

-  Optimizes your internal organs, and hormones

-  Strengthens the immune system

-  Manages tinnitus and teeth grinding

-  Strengthens facial bones, prevents face or jaw atrophy

-  Helps with orthodontics and tooth loss due to weak muscles, by strengthening  them

-  Reduces stress which is beneficial for the nervous system

-  Natural pain relief for muscle based aches and pains

-  Improves the articulation, speech, helps with voice training

About this Face Yoga® method:

The harmony and balance between body and soul determins our inner glow on our face

and skin. This Face Yoga method is based on this theory which results a natural facial

rejuvenation. This exercise programme is: naturally tones the muscles, gentle on the jaws, and

helps shapes our faces naturally. It aims to connect the facial muscles coconsciously, keeping

the face fit and healthy, the reduction of facial asymmetry, the elimination of jaw discomfort

caused by strained chewing muscles.

This Face Yoga® Method is based on a series of techniques that help and support each

other, and it was developed by Viki Koos and it is also trademarked.

Face Yoga® helps create inner and outer harmony. Helps with proper breathing and

posture, as well as it contributes to stress relief on the face, neck, shoulder and all over

our body. It is made up of a series of special strengthening and stretching exercises that

optimizes the tone of the face and neck muscles with the thickening of the muscle fibers,

this way the face becomes more symmetrical. It also enhances the collagene production

this way the facial skin becomes more flexible and toned leading to fading wrinkles. ...

And I would also like to re- emphasize the beneficial effects I already mentioned

before, that through the movement of facial muscles and the reflex points on our

faces, our internal organs will benefit as well.

What can we expect during the course:

 On this four-hour training course you will acquire all the theoretical knowledge

and stress-relieving techniques, as well as the specialized and correct sequence

of the isometric exercises to keep our youthful looks and toned muscles.

 After the basic training course we start practicing the exercises, where you will

have more opportunities to learn this method well.

Reasons for not participating on this course:

 Glaucoma or any eye surgery, stroke, facial paralysis, facial neuralgia, Rosacea,

facial or neck muscle surgery.

 In case of plastic surgery, jaw joint problems, diseases related to the larynx,

thyroid disease, hypertension, diabetes, recreational drug abuse, in case of

paralyzed hands and 70 years + age

 Before starting Face Yoga exercise - as with any other exercise program – please

consult your GP if necessary!


Registration and Course Fee

 If you register before the 23rd August you will get 20% off the course price!

 Registration till 23rd  August is £28.00/person

 Registration fee after 24th August is £35.00/person

 Limited numbers only for the course!

 If you are interested please call Maria Eva Furjes-Benke on 07534300494

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