First of all we examine the scalp and hair to note the extent of hair loss and/or the scale of thinning, and extent of oil or dandruff on the scalp/ with a naked eye.

At the second stage, by using trichology method I use a micro camera to gain an accurate picture of the condition of the hair and scalp, and in turn the processes that are contributing to the hair loss. The result will allow the specialist to give you a personalised accurate and targeted treatment programme.

Finally we examine the scalp with a holistic method; with its help to identify the internal causes which are contributing to the hair loss and other hair problems. The scalp is a sensitive indicator of the actual state of the body. Each internal organ has a corresponding area on the scalp, which is called a ‘scalp map’. The scalp map can help identify easily which organ or organ system is underperforming.

We will then advise suitable individual external and internal therapy based on the results of other examinations.

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