During the health survey first of all we can determine the health status of the body with the Magnetspace Human Body Analyzer and corresponding computer program. The Magnetspace device provides comprehensive health diagnoses, which is based on the Quantum medicine.

Quantum Medicine is an entirely new branch of science, built on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with people and flora and fauna. As the focus of the science is placed on the electromagnetic field, so its essence is the electromagnetic field and measuring the size of vibration frequencies emitted by the body (i.e. the amount of energy fluctuations in a weak magnet field).

At the second stage by using biofeedback system /muscle test/ of Kinesiology and Arolo Healing methods we are able to get the essential information regarding the individual's healing process and test food products, vitamins, herbs, stones, homeopathy, Bach flowers etc. to determine if they are beneficial for an individual. This test will also confirm the correct dosage and the necessary duration (how much/many per day and for how long a period of time). We are also able to find out the emotional background of the health problems with these biofeedback methods.

The approximately 60-minute-long test is entirely painless. Based on the results the complex survey method can assess the client’s nutritional needs. Immune building, remedial and detoxification programmes or natural healing therapies may be recommended. It is important to ensure that all aspects of any condition are treated to achieve the optimum results in health and wellbeing.

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