With the help of the computerised health survey device and the muscle test used in kinesiology not only the health status of the human body can be examined but it can also be tested what products, medications are the best for the client in order to restore their health, or what herbs, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, homeopathic medications or flower essences needed to restore emotional balance are the most appropriate for the them.

There is greater and greater need for natural products. There are more and more nutritional supplements on the market – as a result a lot of people ask the question how to choose from them. The difference is in quality – that is why we only recommend such products to our clients that are of the highest quality and whose effectiveness is proven.

The natural products recommended by us are available in health stores or can be ordered from reliable and quality-assuring international health websites. Some of these products are CaliVita, GND, DEVA … However, there are some special products that can only be ordered via our clinic.

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