I visited the hair clinic 4 months ago with visible signs of severe hair loss problems. Thanks to the very thorough and professional diagnostics, and to the treatment tailored to my specific needs, within a month results were visible: small hair started to show. By today these are grown longer to lift my self confidence; I feel good in body and mind.

I particularly like Eva Furjes’ approach; her complex view of illnesses in general and the way she aims for the well being of the full body and to unfold causes, not just attending symptomes. I received many practical advice from her that allowed me to carry out the treatment daily at home with ease.

Many thanks again for giving back my faith in having healthy looking hair again!

Orsolya Felkai, London

I know Eva for two years. A very close friend pointed me her way with the note: ’you need her help’. My problems were mainly relationship and health related. I’ve never heard of kinesilogy and how it works prior to meeting her, it was all new. Eva treated me with care, empathy and great knowledge. She helped me seeing the reasons behind my problems, allowing me to get to know myself and rid the fears and baggages I created for myself and carried since childhood. After seeing her for kinesiology sessions I gradually become more and more free and happy.

I whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone! Trust the healing she assists you to go through!

Csakvari Zsofia, London 2014.07.16

I’ve seen Eva for three occasions in regards to my severe hair loss issues. As it happens I lost plenty of my hair at the front of my head where its most visible. Eva did a thorough check up and questioned me of my diet, general lifestyle and habits as well. She made me aware I may have minor gluten intolerance so we tried a gluten free diet. She also pointed out the importance of plenty and regular clean water consumption; I used to drink very little back than. I started to drink the teas and to use the shampoo and balm she recommended and it really helped stopping my hair loss! My hair, slowly but gradually, started to grow more frequent and eventually baby hair started to show. Eva also introduced me to products that are not only health friendly also thicken hair optically helping my faith of having healthy looking hair again with visual effects.       

Maria Csepreg   London

Dear Visitor,

If you think you are stuck and need help you are at the right place! My soul received such a recharge from Eva! See her if you feel stuck in the game called life; trust and give your unconditional faith to assist the process!

Imre Jámbor  London

I am Mary from Holland. A few weeks ago I visited my daughter in England for a long weekend. During this time she tried to talk me into forgiving my man who wasn’t very nice to me before. Although I knew he really felt sorry and has changed I still felt the sting and couldn’t forgive him. My daughter offered to take me see a kinesiologist, Eva Furjes. I agreed and within an hour I was sitting opposite a very sympathetic, nice lady whom I asked for help to assist me to be able to forgive my other half. I was a tough cookie, my session took six hours and I cannot thank enough her unconditional care and tendentiousness to help me balance my positive energies to be higher than the negatives, rather be as close to 100% as possible. I flew home next day. My man was waiting for me at the airport and I instantly felt delighted when I saw him. I no longer adhered my old hurts and could wholeheartedly forgive him.

I have tried many different alternative therapies in the past decades and I never encountered such instant results of treatment!      

One more thing that may seem to be a small detail however a very important one to me: the fantastic feeling of not being sick on the flight on my way home! I have been flying for the past 10 years and this was the first time I enjoyed it, not to mention the fact of having not to take a sick pill!

Thank you very, very much Eva! I can only recommend her to anyone!


Maria Hetye  Amszerdam

I met Eva through a friend who  has been  treating by Eva. I had no idea what kinesiology was at the time of my visit, I just thought it helped my friend after all so I turned up with hope. I had an interesting feeling, in a good way, when I met her: she radited love, trust and care. I felt safe and felt I could trust her; this meant a lot to me considering it was the first time we saw each other. Due to abuse in my childhood I encountered a lot of problems and I burried them deep at the time; this however started to show impacts on my 5 year relationship and on my daily life as an adult. I suffered from low self esteem blaming myself for everything that happened.

How did Eva help me? She helped me a lot! She helped me forgiving myself for blaming myself in the first place. She helped me getting my self esteem and my confidence back, not to feel shame, to try to think positive despite the horrible nature of the past. We became friends and she helped me a lot with work related problems as well since. My life changed for the better knowing her hence I can only recommend her practice to anyone!!

Many thanks,

Irén P. London

I had the luck of meeting Eva as a kinesiologist in 2009. Ever since, I have come to know of a true friend and a great personality as well. She is one of the wonderful people that help anyone in need ont he spot to their best and she does it selflessly, with love and with the best of her knowledge. All I knew of kinesiology was that it was an alternative therapy; what I know today I learnt through Eva. I truly believe that problems burried in the conscious or subconscious can be major factors in the developing of our illnesses and that we are capable of healing ourselves with the assistance of this alternative therapy, called kinesiology. Eva never spared time and energy digging to the bottom of things to eradicate the problem. After each session I felt more and more relieved, as if all of a sudden things that worried me sick not long before have disappeared into thin air. It is hard to discribe the peace of mind knowing there is someone like her as a friend in my life. If you don’t know what to do and how to go about something or notice the same things are happening to you in different situations or something bad happened you cannot seem to handle or you just need change in your life I recommend Eva with peace of mind. I know she will help anyone asking her for help!    

Völgyi Borbála, Szentpeterfa

Eva Furjes is a wonderful kinesiologist as she is truly working from her heart and soul to help others.

I have known her for over two years and she has helped me tremendously with my subconscious emotional problems that blocked me from moving forward.  I wish there were more people like her.

I think everyone should have at least one session with her to experience the difference she can make in our lives. Highly recommend.

All my gratitude to Eva for her endless patience and love.

Andrea Abraham London

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