The compound word Pranandi comes from the Sanksrit language. Prana = absolute energy, universal strength, nadi = channel. The meaning of pranandi is Absolute energy channel, universal life strength channel. Prananadi comes from Tibet, it has been used by Tibetan monks for thousands of years, this knowledge and healing power was hermetically closed from the Western of the world until the middle of the last century. They did not pass on the full knowledge; they have passed on healing techniques that have been adapted to the spiritual and mental level of European people.

Prana is the source of all energy. It involves all the levels of the manifestations of life, it depends on vibration and quality of the prana that has been taken but has not been used. Prana is a complex energy system without it there is no physical body can exist. The prana that affects everything is in a state of constant, continuous and never-ending movement.

The effect of Pranandi treatment is the following: it supports life processes, it operates at all levels. It adapts to the individual needs of each human and non-human. Disease of the body can be caused by holding onto negative emotions which block the energy flow trough the body. The use of Prananadi releases blocked energy pathways and re-balances the body. Pranandi supports of the development of the human personality. It has a positive effect of the healing process, relieves pain and helps to cope with fear, anger, fury, depression, worries, and moodiness because of doubts. It can also help to cope with hard physical and psychological load. It triggers creativity and performance. It encourages self-knowledge and helps to adapt to new things and situations more easily.

Prananadi is a non-invasive therapy for both men and women and the client remains fully clothed throughout the treatment.

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